5 years old Giorgi, 16 years old Levan, 36 years old Lile, 2 years old Mariam, 25 years old Tekla – they were seriously ill, needing medical care which their families couldn’t afford. Between 2013-2016 five charity events were organized by Dmanisi Women’s Room and a total of 21 000 thousand GEL were raised for saving their lives.

In 2013 the mother of 5year old Giorgi came to the newly opened Women’s Room in Dmanisi municipality in despair; the family had sold almost everything they had for paying for their little boy’s heart surgery in Turkey but didn’t have enough for the mother’s travel to accompany him The municipality could give only a small part of the money required and so Women’s Room manager Megi Ediberidze decided to organize a charity event. She contacted the charity fund in Tbilisi, ‘Imedis Kheli” and they held a charity concert in Dmanisi where popular singers from Tbilisi arrived and sang for free. More than 400 local people came to the municipal center to see the celebrities. The money for Giorgi’s mother was raised and he is fine now and happily plays with his new little sister.