Is it possible to think about education, if you are 35-40 years old married Azeri women living in village? People might say no, that they missed their chance in their early teens. A group of women from Kosalari in Tetritskaro however felt differently. Fortunately, the women themselves have different opinion regarding this issue. 45 years old Minaia Gojaiova a teacher of Georgian and her six neighbors had wanted to learn and improve their Georgian for many years and when representatives of a the new Women’s Room arrived in their village, the first thing they have asked for was help in learning Georgian. The Women’s Room Manager contacted with the representatives of the “Learn Georgian’ programme of Tbilisi State University, funded by the President of Georgia, and asked them to include women from Kosalari village into the programme. Up to 40 Azeri women from Kosalari and neighboring Samshvilde village went through a three month intensive Georgian language course and Minaia was also among them. She now feels more confident in her teaching knowing that the standard of what she can pass on to the children of Kosalari is higher.