Mari Akhalmosulishvili is a 32 years old English teacher from Enageti village, Tetritskaro municipality. She has three children, two of whom are pre-school age. Mari wanted them to go to kindergarten but her village didn't have one and she had no means of getting them to another one. and plenty of other young women from other families were facing the same problem.

Representatives of Tetritskaro municipality visited Enageti and informed villagers of a new municipal service – the Women's Room. Mari and her 11 friends attended a meeting and found out how to solve their problem. The Women's Room Manager helped them to write a letter to the Gamgebeli/Mayor of Tettritskaro to appoint a bus to the kindergarten of the neighboring village – Asureti. After a month this transport was arranged and now Mari's child and 9 more children play and study at the kindergarten in Asureti coming back in the evenings on the same bus. Mari now has more time for improving her professional skills, she thinks that she is a better teacher now than she was a year ago. 'Life in the village is full of energy in a healthy environment, we just need more r initiative and commitment to solve everyday problems. We wanted to change our reality for the better, and we did it. '- says Mari.