Helen Bradbury

Helen Bradbury is a development professional and long term resident of Georgia committed to integrated and equitable sustainable development which enriches rural and urban lives.

Her career spans market system approaches to solving problems ranging from the welfare of working horses in Ethiopia and natural resource based livelihoods in the Middle East, to early economic recovery in post-tsunami Indonesia. She is Team Leader of the Swiss Development Cooperation's long running Alliances Programme, Mercy Corps flagship market systems programme in Georgia which starting in 2008 has impacted over 600,000 rural households across Georgia in dairy, meat, wool and honey sectors. Its next four year phase has a regional and international focus looking at cross border linkages, trade and export with Armenia, Azerbaijan and beyond. Helen advises on market systems development and women's economic empowerment (WEE) and has a strong interest in applying market systems thinking with government and operationalizing gender and WEE at scale with Alliances serving as a case study in a global community of practice for generating practical working methods for making this happen. www.alcp.ge