Giorgi Bakradze

Giorgi Bakradze – is an economist, thinker, lecturer, advisor of the President of the National Bank of Georgia and board member of computer literacy community.

Giorgi is a preeminent intellectual best known from the TV game: What Where When. He has an incredible mind holding knowledge on wide variety of topics in science, literature, music, cinematography, information technologies etc.

Giorgi Bakradze has an MA in Economics from Williams College, USA and from Georgetown University and an MSc in Physics from Tbilisi State University. Over the years he has extended his professional knowledge (attending seminars) in the world’s leading economic institutions: in the Bank of England, Banque de France, Swiss National Bank, Joint Vienna Institute, IMF Institute, etc. He is an author of numerous scientific works, research and publications. Since 2004 he has been a lecturer at top Georgian universities.

Giorgi has a significant experience of working in the public sector as well as with the non-government sector, starting his professional career in a World Bank project for the development of municipal services.